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Another Feature for zeropumpkin!

Team member zeropumpkin is featured in Malaysia’s Mint magazine, October 2010 issue! Check out her cool cats! :D


Way To Go, zeropumpkin!

Team member zeropumpkin‘s work was recently being featured in U.S based Stuffed magazine‘s Summer 2010 issue. Way to go! :D

And to celebrate the feature and also her 100th sale on Etsy, she is generously having a giveaway on her blog here. Go participate and win yourself a “Ocean the Blue Bunny”!

Team Treasury 100627.

Alex of skyejuice has created an awesome treasury, featuring some great talents from our beloved country! Check it out here!

Team Treasury 100605.

Talk about summer… Well of course, what we see all-year-round in Malaysia is that big hot sun, and perhaps some heavy rain. :)

Check out Malaysia’s all-year-round summer in this Team Treasury!

Update: Forgot to mention that the Team Chat Thread for June 2010 is here. Drop by and chat along! :)

So, Have You Labeled Your Work?

Etsy recently had a very informative blog post on labeling here. Upon reading this, I’m personally very curious on how our team members deal with this. A few members have been very kind and have shared their ways of labeling with us. If you have been thinking to get a label for your work, get some inspirations below. Labeling your work could be one of the best ways of marketing – imagine your customer carrying your work and her friend is so interested in it, but she couldn’t remember your shop name or your name? A properly done label comes into rescue. :)

zeropumpkin uses a very matching label on each and every one of her doll.

Apart from woven label, NottyPooch also hand-stamp some of their work with their logo.

Michelle of kindersoaps uses interesting and informative cigar band labels for her soaps. “The basis of my label designs is that they must perform two critical functions: look attractive, and help me sell. So all of them not only carry pictures and words that describe the product’s benefits and ingredients, but also provide all my contact details: website, e-mail and mobile phone number. I want to make it dead easy for people to contact me if they’re interested to buy more soap.” She added.

Due to the nature of art pieces they do, Flora of borneorocks, and Jia Wen of inkypots have different way of incorporating their labels into their work. Flora signs at the back of the rocks she painted and includes a little sticker with her contact information.

Jia Wen, on the other hand, signs at the base of all her pots. Being a Fine Art grad, this is by far my favourite way of signing – incorporating it into the work. Yay! :)

Do you have a creative labeling method to share? Leave a comment and let us know!

Team Treasury 100413.

Some tropical views from Malaysia here!

List expires on Thursday, 15 April 2010.

Team Treasury 100331.

YELLOW! … Malaysia! :)

Drop by here and leave some love!

List expires on Saturday, 3 April 2010.