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Right on the Target.

Note: This post is merely to share my thought lately on this subject. I’m personally not business-trained (but luckily was lightly trained in PR!) and this is something that I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

I noticed that when I talk to others on business and stuff lately, I tend to stress the importance of identifying target market. During a recent conversation with my boyfriend a.k.a business partner, I had the opportunity to analyse my thought in a more detailed manner. We’ve always heard people saying how important it is to identify your target market. But how exactly it is?

I remember at the very beginning of starting our business, I had the dream of ‘I WANT EVERYONE IN THE WORLD TO BUY AND LOVE MY CREATIONS‘. Of course, I’ve put a lot of time, effort, and thought into creating and making my products, so what is there not to love about – in fact, I truly believed that there is every reason for people to love my work! But the truth is, it’s impossible to cater to every single person in the world, because everyone is different – needs, styles, interests, lifestyles, backgrounds, occupations, gender, etc. All these are factors that will affect and mold a person into who he/she is, and what he/she is attracted to.

When I asked this question on the Team’s Yahoo group, Michelle of kindersoaps responded with very detailed experiences of hers, including her initial ventures and the ups and downs. I won’t be repeating it here, but will take out a few points that I personally feel very true. After 1.5 years into her business, she finds that being able to define and identify her target market helps her to know what kind of soap to create, in terms of ingredients and product positioning. It also influences the content of her blog, which in turn helps directing traffic to her way.

Clarity Soap by kindersoaps.

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Team Treasury 100807.

Managed to make a treasury for the team this afternoon. Wee! Check it out here!

REMINDER: Make sure to tag at least one of your items with team tag ‘team etsymalaysia’ so team members and other potential buyers can find you easily. Also, remember that next month THIS MONTH (!!!) we are celebrating Hari Merdeka, and Etsy admin has taken note on this. So who knows, Malaysian-themed treasury *might* just hit the front page more! So start making treasuries for the team now! ;)

Team Treasury 100627.

Alex of skyejuice has created an awesome treasury, featuring some great talents from our beloved country! Check it out here!

Team Treasury 100314.

Some fresh finds from the team! To increase the likelihood of the list to be promoted to the front page, I’ve included some alternatives as well. Good luck! :)

Drop by here and leave some love!

List expires on Wednesday, 17 March 2010.

Team Treasury 100129.

Some fresh finds from the team.

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List expires on Sunday, 31 Jan 2010.

Team Treasury 100107.

For a fresh start for the team! :) Drop by here at leave some love!

List expires on Saturday 9 Jan 2010. Enjoy! ;)