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Team Treasury 100723.

It’s been a while since we last had a team treasury! Now thanks to Pauline of zeropumpkin, we have one featuring some great Etsians from our beloved country! Check it out here!

P/S: Make sure to tag at least one of your items with team tag ‘team etsymalaysia’ so team members and other potential buyers can find you easily. Also, remember that next month we are celebrating Hari Merdeka, and Etsy admin has taken note on this. So who knows, Malaysian-themed treasury *might* just hit the front page more! So start making treasuries for the team now! ;)


frenchtoastfriday in BRIDES, U.S!

Team member frenchtoastfriday‘s ‘SAVE THE DATE’ mini banner is in BRIDES (U.S edition) August 2010! I don’t know about you Fairuz, but if I were you, I’ll be hopping all around the moon now! Way to go! :D


Fairuz is also kind enough to share her thoughts and tips with us. To her, how a product is photographed is very important to selling online. Having great photos increases the chances of other blogs featuring or mentioning her creations, which always makes her day. Personally I don’t think anyone is going to argue about this. Check out her shop and you’ll understand why the magazine picked her! She also stresses on having unique creations and great customer service.

Quote from Fairuz: Whatever you do, do it well. (Urgh this is so true!)

Fairuz will be stocking up her shop with new items soon, so make sure you bookmark it! Once again, congrats Fairuz! :)

If you are recently featured in the press and would like to share with fellow team members, feel free to reach me at huey [at!] nottypooch.com or send me a convo on Etsy.

What Are Your Policies?

Whether you are selling on Etsy or at any venue, having good shop policies always help. Good policies should be fair, clear, simple, and always friendly.

Offering fair policies is always a good way to earn trust and confidence from your customers. Only offer policies that you yourself as a customer will appreciate, because the truth is, none of us would like to take the risk dealing with sellers who sound like a bully. Do you offer sufficient time for customers to contact you to arrange for return or exchanges? Many times policies are something for sellers to fall back on when needed, and it is absolutely OK to bend a little if you feel it’s acceptable. Be flexible!

Find Your Self hand painted tile by funkytiles.

Clear policies let your customers know what to expect. For instance, if you accept refund or exchanges under certain conditions, describe it clearly in your policy. Will you issue a refund if an item return to you is broken? Who should pay for taxes and duties, if applicable? Think about the whole selling and shipping process, decide how you want it to be done, and describe in your policy.

Keeping your policies simple and friendly will help to make customers feel comfortable dealing with you. Let’s face the truth, nobody likes to read confusing statements, just like nobody likes to feel like being lectured reading your policies.

Set of 3 Graph Paper Flag Bunting for Packaging by frenchtoastfriday.

Go into a little bit more details describing how you pack your items and what your shipping policies are will also help. If you don’t hit the post office on a daily basis, write it down so customers know what to expect. If you constantly recycle packaging materials, include this info so your customers won’t be turned off upon receiving his/her order, or they can let you know ahead if it’s a gift and they would like to have a new packaging.

Last but not least, make sure to constantly revise your shop policies as needed. Some info may not be valid after a period of time. Maintaining the most up-to-date info is one of the best way to show your customers that your shop is being run in a professional manner.

Team Treasury 100314.

Some fresh finds from the team! To increase the likelihood of the list to be promoted to the front page, I’ve included some alternatives as well. Good luck! :)

Drop by here and leave some love!

List expires on Wednesday, 17 March 2010.

Team Treasury 100305.

After failing to grab a treasury spot for more than a week, nukilan came into rescue.

Discover both members and non-members from Malaysia in this lovely treasury!

List expires on Sunday, 7 Mar 2010.

Team Treasury 100208.

More fresh finds from the team!

Drop by here and leave some love!

List expires on Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010.