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KLPAC Open Day

Just over a week ago, on 23 Jan 2011, Team Etsy Malaysia set up shop at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Open Day.

All in all, it was quite a productive day for most of us, I think. It was certainly a busy and hectic day, as there were also performances to watch and activities to join. And boy, was it hot!

Twelve Etsy Malaysia team members took part. See pictures here (more to be uploaded on FB soonest).

(Click on the pics for a larger image and to see who’s who)


Eatsy Malaysia – SS15 Pork Noodles

Greetings! I am the other contributor to the Eatsy posts.

There is a local saying that often the most delicious food are the most unhealthy, and that is most true to the food that I am introducing today. But the taste, oh the taste~! It is very gratifying! Of course, it is not recommended to eat this everyday for the sake of health. :)

This is the epitome, the holy grail of pork noodles! Sure it may not look very appetizing, but it tastes amazing! The soup is very distinctive from other pork noodles I’ve tasted. My friend told me that is because the stall owner uses fried garlic oil instead of pork oil for seasoning? She claims she can taste the garlic in the soup. I am not sure if that is true, but I don’t really care as long as it is delicious lol! The variety of ‘toppings’ are very generous too, vegetables, pork slices, minced pork, pork innards (which is missing in my bowl because I don’t eat them) and my favorite – deep fried pork lard. (the small brownish yellow chunks)

The reason why this is so unhealthy? Because it is actually quite oily. Some of my colleagues actually doesn’t like it very much because of the health concerns. It will probably apply to those that doesn’t like oily food as well, and those that have a stomach sensitive to oily food. But if you don’t mind all those, I definitely recommend you to try this out! Yum yum!! :9 But be prepared to wait though if you are eating there at peak hours, I’ve waited for half an hour once for my noodles to arrive. They are only open for breakfast and lunch.

The shop is named Restoran Pomander, located in SS15 Subang Jaya, nearby Subang Square and directly at the angled turning of the road. (as you can see on the map below)

Click for larger map.

Till next time :)

Team Feature : Schin Loong

Hello, I feel that I need to first introduce myself to the team blog. I am Alex aka Skyejuice, and I will be in contributing for the team blog starting from now on. :)

This month I would like to feature an amazingly talented illustrator, who happens to be my class mate back in my college days as well. It was a pleasure to see her art grow and evolve from way back then, and I must admit, she had grown to be quite an accomplished artist. The illustrator I am talking about is none other than Schin Loong.

Mad lover of milk tea, goldfishes and anything cute, not to mention bad puns too, Schin draws some of the most beautiful and girly artworks I’ve ever seen. Seriously, her older artworks were full of flowers, sparkles and beautiful curving lines. Believe it!

Although her old works were bright and colorful, it was her more recent works that propelled her to stardom.

A Brief Glimpse, probably her most well known illustration done to date, had appeared as the back cover of The ImagineFX’s 50th anniversary issue, The Pepper Tree magazine, as well as being tattooed onto someone’s thigh!

But that’s not all, her other artworks such as The Four Beauties, based on the actual four legendary beauties from Ancient China – Xi shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan, Yang Guifei,  had also appeared in the Exotique 5 compilation artbook. It had also appeared in the most recent issue of Digital Arts magazine, alongside with The Brief Glimpse and The Ascension of Te Wheke.

With her talent in illustrating the feminine form, her uniquely colorful watercolor techniques and her ass kicking digital painting skills, she is a force to be reckon with!

Her Etsy shop comprises mostly of prints of her gorgeous artworks. There are also bookmarks, some original artworks as well as little jewelry pieces, it is also the only place where you can get her personally signed prints. Check her out!

Where to find Schin?

Etsy: http://schin.etsy.com

Website: http://www.lucioleloong.com

Blog: http://schin-art.blogspot.com/

A Chance To Be Featured On Handmade Spark

Handmade Spark (www.handmadespark.com) is looking to feature Etsy teams on their blog in October, which according to them is when the shopping/gift-buying frenzy starts. It’s a popular blog that features articles on crafts and handmade items, so this will be good publicity for the group if we were to be featured.

From the Handmade Spark site:

All Etsy teams are eligible. Each team must choose 10 products/sellers that best represent their team. How each team chooses their Top 10 is up to them. Submissions can include holiday items, or not – again, entirely up to each team. We ask that the products include clear photography and include your team’s tag as one of the (14 Etsy tags).  We plan on featuring teams beginning in October with a new Gallery devoted to your team’s chosen items.

I think if we were to be chosen, this would be great exposure for ALL of us, even if only 10 is featured, as buyers will be encouraged to search for our team/group tag.

So now, these are the steps we need to take:

1. Tag any of your items that best represent the Etsy Malaysia team/group with this tag: ‘team etsymalaysia

This is the official tag that was submitted to Etsy.

To get your chance at being featured, please tag your items by 11.59pm Sunday 26 Sept so that we can get our entry in early.

2. After the 26th, log on to Etsy and search for ‘team etsymalaysia’.

Alternatively, you can also go to this page to see all member shops and go through each shop:-


*Reminder to members: Please register yourself for the new Etsy Groups Beta if you haven’t. Thank you!

3. Vote for 10 of your favourite items by posting the link to each item in a post here:-


4. We’ll give it about 5 days for everyone to vote. Then, after 1 October, the votes will be tallied and the 10 items with the most votes will be submitted to Handmade Spark for consideration to be included in their Galleries.

If you have any questions, please do leave a comment here.

Let’s get tagging!

Free Tutorial – Earring Displays

Hi all, since there’s been lots of talks about a Team participation in the November Pipit Market and booth displays, I thought I’d post this earring display tutorial courtesy of Little Waltz.


Earrings are such whimsical things. They can sit and twinkle from your ear lobe or they can dangle and catch the light and shimmer everytime you turn your head.
I love earrings.

In fact, they were the first piece of jewellery that I covet, and till now earrings hold something special in my heart.

But I always have an issue. How do you keep them so that they don’t get tangled? Especially if you are like me and especially love the crazy long ones that dangle past your shoulders. They get tangled so so much!

So here’s a tutorial on how to make a display for your earrings: it doesn’t just keep your earrings tangle free, they also allow you to show them off like the pieces of art they truly are!

You will need:

1x thumbtack
Jewellery pliers

1x cardboard with windows cut out
(Make sure that the windows are longer than your dangle earrings!)

Not pictured:

1x silver chain (or any colour chain you’d like really)


Step 1:
Cut out windows from your cardboard as shown above.
Make sure that your cardboad is fairly thick!
If it’s soft, it won’t hold the weight of the earrings.

Step 2:

Measure out the length of chain you need.
If you want your chain to be tight, you need to cut it slightly shorter than the width of the window.

Step 3:

Use a thumbtack to punch holes in the side of the cardboad.
Try to punch the holes near the side of the window.

Step 4:

Attach the chain to the cardboad by hooking it up to the holes with jumprings!
See why you need to punch right at the side now?

Step 5:

Repeat steps 2 – 4 for the rest of the windows
And you are done! Technically.

Step 6:
This step is optional. But we are crafty people, so…

~* it’s time to decorate! *~

This is what I did with mine. I wanted something simple and girly!
Plus, I do have a heap of flowers and ribbons laying around..

And there you have it!

Your very own earring display, customized the way you want it to be,
a work of art that’s functional to boot!

How was that? Easy isn’t it?
It takes about 10 minutes to do, and it’s so much fun!

Perfect for the bedroom, the craft room, even the living room!
Plus you can change the earrings around, so you can constantly update the piece of art.
Or even put one next to the front door, so you can grab a pair just as you go out.

The possibilities are endless…

So try it out, and please do show me your results~~!
Good luck! and Happy crafting!

p/s: You can make it as large as you like, with as many windows as you like. It’s really up to you!

Team! Chat away~~

Mini Message Banner from frenchtoastfriday

Let’s chat!!!!

Etsy Forum Chat Thread : http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6526056

and also

Friday Night Live Chat at Etsy chatroom!
Date : 21/May/2010
Time : 9pm-12am or till everyone feels sleepy :p
Link : http://www.etsy.com/chat_main.php

Discount Marketing for Your Etsy Shop

As some of you may have already noticed, I have setup a new group for Etsy Malaysia Local Team on Myzerr.com. I’d like to share how the site works and why I am endorsing this site.

This site works like Facebook and connects businesses (Etsy shop owners) and buyers through the sharing of discount coupons, AND it is absolutely FREE to use. Our Myzerr group is similar to our Team’s FB fan page, within this Myzerr group, all Team members can create and share their store coupons either with team members only, or make them available to the public. This way, only those whom the deals are intended to have access to the deals. Here are some of the benefits of having a Team group on Myzerr:
1. With our Team power, we can approach other (online or offline) businesses on Myzerr and ask for discounts just for the Team. Imagine us getting exclusive deals from craft shops like Art Friend, Multifilla and major supplies shops on Etsy! Of course we will also have access to deals from other businesses like restaurants and photo studios.
2. The application is very similar to Facebook so the site does most things that FB can do. We can also use Myzerr as a directory to list our Etsy shops.
3. We can invite all Malaysian Etsians to set up their individual Etsy shop pages on Myzerr and then join our Team page there so we have a pool of Etsy shops offering discounts! Why discounts you may ask – because buyers love it and we pay nothing for the promotion until our discount marketing works, and you can tell it works when someone uses your coupon.
4. When it comes to online shops, DISCOUNT marketing works quicker and better than banner ads or blog features. What’s more, if a user thinks your coupon rocks, they can easily share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, all with just a click of a button.
5. You don’t have to worry about giving away too many coupons and loosing money because you can set expiry date and cancel/edit/limit the coupon distribution anytime.
6. Once a coupon is created, it can be instantly published to your FB, Twitter, Myspace and other social networks.
7. There are reporting tools to help you measure the success of your coupon promotions so you can fiddle with different kinds of deals to see what works best for you.

I absolutely think Myzerr is a great discount marketing platform for all kinds of online/offline businesses and it’ll take off just like Facebook. To make this happen, I am happy to manage all the Team’s activities on Myzerr and have group sales or request for exclusive deals for the team.

I will be sending out invitations to all of our members and I hope that you take 5 minutes to setup your Etsy shop AND also join our group there. Please visit the site www.Myzerr.com for more information and spread the word!

P/S: Myzerr also serves brick & mortar businesses like restaurants, travel providers, beauty & spa, automotive, retailers, activity & leisure operators, professional services, home service providers etc, so tell your friends about this FREE marketing opportunity.

Posted by Dust of Enchantment of Dustofenchantment Etsy Shop.