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Secret Santa/Santarina of Etsy Malaysia Local Team – Part 1.

Happy holidays everyone!

Wow it’s been really a while since the last post on Team blog. I personally had a total blasting month and am finally able to relax a bit now. I heard from many team members that they too had been busy over the last too months. If you are reading this, I hope you two had a good year end. :)

Earlier this month several members started a Secret Santa/Santarina gift exchange (private thread, for team members only) on the team’s forums before Christmas, and with about 30 members participating, everyone got what they wanted + plenty of surprises. Special thanks to Jenny of jpbeads for organising this superbly fun team activity! Here are some reports from team members. Take note that none of those participating knows who their Secret Santa/Santarina was before they got their package, so there were really a lot of excitement and fun! :)

I myself (of NottyPooch) received a package from my Secret Santarina a few days before Christmas and being a good girl as I am *ahem* I followed the instruction on the package and only opened it on Christmas – OK it was Christmas eve. :P It was a print about being happy through sunshine and rain from Jia Wen of inkypots! I’ve asked a friend to get me a frame for it and am still waiting for it to arrive, but this print will surely be on one of the walls in our future workshop as a happy reminder! Thank you, Jia Wen! :)

Melissa of StorybookTheater received a cute little box full of awesome santa card, fabric coin purse (with a charm bracelet inside!), matryoshka doll stuffie, fat quarter of cute fabric, sushi magnet, button bookmark, pretty yarn and button brooch from Kelly of Kiiss.

Sally of BagNCraft received a lovely teardrop pendant from Jessie of TrinketTrove and commented that she loves the simplicity!

Jia Wen of inkypots knew her Secret Santa was Michelle of kindersoaps when she collected her package because it smelled totally yummy. Teehee! The package was hand lettered and tied up with a pretty ribbon and ‘Michelle included two bars of soap and a personalised serum – super thoughtful of her because she knows I have problem skin.’ Said Jia Wen.

Alicia of loveandcraft sent Murni of mimpimurni 3 fat quarters of striped fabric, some polka-dotted ribbons, wooden buttons & a handmade tissue case/pouch she has already put to use. ‘I find everything very useful and can’t wait to make something out of the fabric and buttons,’ said Murni.

Alex of skyejuice received some beautiful fabrics and hand dyed thread from Zarina of ZarinaZA. ‘Perhaps with these, I can finally kick start on some of the embroidery projects that I have been putting back for a while now. Time to pick up that needle!’ Said Alex.

Nadiah of nukilan received a pair of earrings, a ring, and a hair clip from her secret Santarina, Melissa of StorybookTheater. All so pretty!

The organiser herself, Jenny of jpbeads received plenty of polymer clay goodies from Madeline of beadscraftz.

Evelin of angelicquirk received a heart-warming Christmas card and a lovely owl from Sally of BagNCraft!

More to come in Part 2. If you are one of the participants of this Secret Santa/Santarina event, remember to check this thread and drop me and email with some photos to share! Till then, have a Happy New Year! :)


4 Responses

  1. This was so much fun! The items I got were really pretty, and I found it so thrilling to receive them from an ex ‘neighbour’ lol!

  2. boohoohoo
    I have not receive my gift.


  3. Thanks so much for the great post, Huey!

    I’m so glad you liked your gifts, Nadiah :)

    And poor Kelly…maybe your pressie got sidetracked in the mail, being the holidays and all. Oh no…You gave me a really wonderful, generous box of gifts too :(

  4. […] back to the second part of Secret Santa/Santarina gift exchange (see Part 1 here). We have a team member currently in Australia sending in her report. Tracy of dustofenchantment […]

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