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Eatsy Malaysia: Kedai Makanan Lidiana.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji! :)

For this round of our Eatsy series, I’ll be sharing one of my favourite local stalls. Well, by saying local, I mean it’s somewhere in Penang.

Several years back I was introduced to this Malay Food Stall in Tanjung Bungah, who served the best chicken ever that I used to have as my afternoon tea – yeah I was weird like that. It was along the road going up to Batu Feringghi, near the beach. A year later that place was torn down to make way for the construction of Masjid Terapung (Floating Mosque). I heard about them being relocated to somewhere but for some reason, I just didn’t go check out and totally forgot about it.

A few months ago someone told me about this place serving nice Malay food at a very affordable price, and suddenly the memories all came back to me. This is the EXACT stall that I went to, only that now they have moved over to Arked Tanjong Bungah, just right opposite the Floating Mosque.

The Floating Mosque, just right across the road.

There are several food stalls at this small place, but the one that I’m recommending t is Kedai Makanan Lidiana. It’s the first from the left. They serve a wide variety of Malay cuisine. I don’t eat a lot of Malay food so I don’t really know the name of the dishes – OK la I’ll admit, I’m just eating them without knowing the names!

My all time favourites are these. Ayam masak kicap (chicken in dark soy sauce, the exact chicken that I used to have for tea time break) and acar timun (cucumber salad). The sauce of the chicken is very rich and thick, and the meat feels fresh – definitely doesn’t taste like those overnight fried chicken. Personally I think it’s more finger-licking-good than you-know-which-chicken. One thing about this stall is that, as far as I’m concerned, it’s very very very affordable. The dishes below only cost me about RM12, if I remember correctly. As for other dishes, all I can say is that every time I was there, whether it’s before or after lunch hour, this place was always packed with a lot of customers. :)

The map is showing the Floating Mosque, but Arked Tanjong Bungah is just right opposite the mosque.


2 Responses

  1. sperti na mkn’n ini enk skali dan nikmat…hmmmmm… yummmy…

    Terimakash udah di share…
    sucses terus untuk blognya…

    best regards

    Cindy silvia

  2. It seems that there are very crowd on that place, and the food seems delicious also.

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