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Crafty Art Market with Etsy Malaysia!

About a month ago the awesome people from KLue contacted Etsy Malaysia Local Team to explore the possibility of organising an art and craft market. One thing lead to another, and thanks to everyone who contributed towards it, the inaugural Crafty Art Market on November 27th at the Bee, Jaya One, will be hosting Etsy Malaysia Local Team–exclusively.

It’s our VERY OWN ETSY MARKET, right on Malaysian shores! If all goes well and the event draws a healthy crowd, this will be a monthly affair.

Knowing that this will be a meeting place for some really talented artists, why not grab a bunch of friends and family members and make a day trip to Jaya One on the 27th? Not only will you be feasting your eyes on a plethora of lovingly handmade goods, but I assure you that your tastebuds will be in for a treat as well–you simply CANNOT leave Jaya One without trying something from The Bee. (They even supply handmade, homemade ice cream!)

As of today, these Etsians are confirmed participants for the Market, so come and meet them in person and check out their wares:

Let’s make this a really fun event–call out as many friends as you can to come to the Market so the management of Jaya One will want to make it a permanent fixture. Great for them, and better still for Etsians!


17 Responses

  1. Great Job! Can’t wait to see everyone.

    On another note….sob sob.. You forgot to add my name

    Just a head’s up for our next arty adventures together as team etsymalaysia

    Funkytiles – Nadiah and Rekha
    Nukilan – Nadiah
    Rekhss – Rekha

    You may use the etsy team flyer printed for the last AFG market as a reference.

    Thanks a million. :)

    Warm regards,

  2. Oh dear Rekha, sorry about leaving out your name! Was blazing through the Yahoo Group list trying to rush out this article. Lemme fix that. :)

  3. Just gave a shout out mentioning all the funky and fun stores under team etsymalaysia at the Crafty Art Market on rekhss FB fanpage.


  4. No worries…you can treat me to some yummy ice-cream at the crafty art market… :p

  5. Oh no! Looks like I gotta bring enough cash to BUY stuff as well as sell!! :D

  6. Can I join as a member? How do you join?

  7. Rekha: You’re on. :)

    Zurien: I’ve been thinking the same thing for ages! Time to push sales, hehe

    Evelin: Sorry, I’m not sure about what you mean with regards to joining as a ‘member’ – are you referring to joining Etsy as a seller, or joining this market?

  8. oh I’m marking this day :D :D
    Coming to visit you all~

  9. Can I reblog this in my blog?

  10. Hey minifanfan. I believe the answer would be YES! :) Please spread the love as much as you like! :D

  11. Hi there, may i know can i still take part for this event?

    • Ireen: Sorry, spaces are already filled this time round, but you’re definitely welcome to participate in the next Crafty Art Market which should be held next month. Will keep you all updated via the Yahoo Group and also this blog. :)

  12. thanks a million kindersoaps, im looking for it :)

  13. Can’t wait to check it out if I’ve the time :)

  14. Hi, i’m interested in selling for Etsy Craftmarket Malaysia. Was wondering if you have any going on in January 2010? let me know. thanks!

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