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Team Feature – Inkypots

I love looking at pottery, especially the smaller items like pots and plates. Pottery had always been somewhat of a mystery to me though, perhaps it was because I don’t dabble in pottery, or perhaps it was the malleability of clay. Loo Jia Wen – the soul behind all the gorgeous pottery of Inkypots will probably agree with me. Having been making pottery for 8 years, her pottery work had a very organic look to them that is very difficult to describe with words.

Assorted essential oil burners

It’s like, every piece have a different story to tell. The different striations, the little bumps here and there. It may not be perfect yes, but this is what gives the burners, cups and plates character. And this isn’t very far from the truth, as I learned from Jia Wen herself that often times, the pottery piece itself would add it’s own little twist to themselves when they come out of the kiln. Such as the Singing Heart piece, the bread-like color after it came out of the dragon kiln was not expected at all, looking so much like bread. Even I almost mistaken it as bread from a distance!

Jia Wen started making pottery back in 2002. It was actually her younger sister that got into pottery first, then she just tagged along. Funny thing is, her sister lost interest and she fell in love, been stretching, pulling, pummeling and molding it ever since. She loves the amazing duality of clay. It is fragile – if you drop it, it would break into a thousand pieces, yet it is durable – if treated and made properly, the piece can last for centuries.

Tipsy Bellied Hajime Plate

When asked what inspires Jia Wen, she said that she likes to make things that she would want to use. But sometimes she also like to use subjects that she is obsessed about, (at the time) right now it is birds and whales. Although she had yet to make anything whale-ish. (do it now!) Coffee cups are always loved, she also likes houses, fish and boats!

Her current favorite piece - Ornamental candle holder with a bird on top and a round window in front. (right most piece) She said it looks useful but is actually just a decoration, lol.

Jia Wen’s works had been featured on KLue magazine when she first started, as well as the Bloesem blog. But good things can only continue to come as she continue to craft!

For fun, I asked her what one item she would put into a time capsule. Instead though, she gave me a list!

  1. Copper and bamboo noodle catchers (I have no idea what these are)
  2. Wooden mooncake moulds
  3. Hand-shaped aluminium watering cans
  4. Long-handled buckets

She will need a very large time capsule!! And surprisingly, not one of them is her own work!

Aside from pottery, she also had been delving in a lot of crafty activities. Such as silver smithing which she had picked up recently. Jia Wen also practices yoga, which keeps her relax, happy and healthy. Did you know what she sells beautiful Yoga art in her Etsy shop as well? You should definitely check it out. :)

Where to find Inkypots?


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  1. Congrats, Jia Wen! Love your oh-so-original pieces of art.

    Very well written feature, Alex (at least I hope that is your name..I remember you better as Skyejuice :))

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