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Get Yourself Ready for the Holiday Rush!

So it’s year end and the holiday season is coming – are you ready for the holiday rush? Here’s a little reminder on things that you’ll want to have in hand to help you sail through this holiday season smoother.

1) Tracking labels – If you are sending your package via tracking services, eg: PosLaju, Registered Mail, try to have at least several of the forms in hand so you can fill up the information at home before you hit the post office. Saves you lots of time from queuing up!

2) Mailing labels – One sheet of mailing label sticker costs about 20 cents. Depending on the size, there are 4-8 (or more) stickers on one sheet. I personally prefer to print out the mailing labels (shipping address, ship back address) to avoid having to write with hand. It’s not only faster, it avoids mistakes. It would help if you have a template ready in hand where you can just fill in the info using your computer and print out.

3) Custom declaration form – For international package, custom declaration form is a must. Try requesting a few more from the post office so you can fill it up at home and attach to the package before hitting the post office.

4) Air Mail stickers – Similarly, if you send via Air Mail, you can also ask for this sticker from your post office. Some post office no longer use this, some do. Check with the officer to confirm.

5) Packaging and packing materials – This includes envelopes (various sizes, depending on the item you sell), bubble wraps, shredded papers, gift papers, ribbons, boxes, or any other thing that you need to use when packaging and packing your items. If you foresee yourself to sell a lot this holiday season (well, who doesn’t want to!), buying these in bulk will normally help you to save.

If you have tips that will help other members in a way or another, share in the comments below!


2 Responses

  1. Hi, I’ve sent out items to international destinations a few times before, but no one told me that I had to fill up a custom declaration form. The officer did not mention anything of the sort.

    Is it important and what is it for? And do I just ask the officer for the form?

    Oh, and is the AirMail sticker important too?

    Thank you!

    • There is no need to attach a custom form if it’s a letter or document/card. Occasionally if it’s a small package that looks like letter or document, the officer will just skip it too. As the name suggest, it’s to declare what is inside the package to custom, both Malaysia and especially the destination country.

      AirMail sticker is to imply that the package is to be sent via AirMail, not via Sea.

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