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Team Feature : Schin Loong

Hello, I feel that I need to first introduce myself to the team blog. I am Alex aka Skyejuice, and I will be in contributing for the team blog starting from now on. :)

This month I would like to feature an amazingly talented illustrator, who happens to be my class mate back in my college days as well. It was a pleasure to see her art grow and evolve from way back then, and I must admit, she had grown to be quite an accomplished artist. The illustrator I am talking about is none other than Schin Loong.

Mad lover of milk tea, goldfishes and anything cute, not to mention bad puns too, Schin draws some of the most beautiful and girly artworks I’ve ever seen. Seriously, her older artworks were full of flowers, sparkles and beautiful curving lines. Believe it!

Although her old works were bright and colorful, it was her more recent works that propelled her to stardom.

A Brief Glimpse, probably her most well known illustration done to date, had appeared as the back cover of The ImagineFX’s 50th anniversary issue, The Pepper Tree magazine, as well as being tattooed onto someone’s thigh!

But that’s not all, her other artworks such as The Four Beauties, based on the actual four legendary beauties from Ancient China – Xi shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan, Yang Guifei,  had also appeared in the Exotique 5 compilation artbook. It had also appeared in the most recent issue of Digital Arts magazine, alongside with The Brief Glimpse and The Ascension of Te Wheke.

With her talent in illustrating the feminine form, her uniquely colorful watercolor techniques and her ass kicking digital painting skills, she is a force to be reckon with!

Her Etsy shop comprises mostly of prints of her gorgeous artworks. There are also bookmarks, some original artworks as well as little jewelry pieces, it is also the only place where you can get her personally signed prints. Check her out!

Where to find Schin?

Etsy: http://schin.etsy.com

Website: http://www.lucioleloong.com

Blog: http://schin-art.blogspot.com/