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A Chance To Be Featured On Handmade Spark

Handmade Spark (www.handmadespark.com) is looking to feature Etsy teams on their blog in October, which according to them is when the shopping/gift-buying frenzy starts. It’s a popular blog that features articles on crafts and handmade items, so this will be good publicity for the group if we were to be featured.

From the Handmade Spark site:

All Etsy teams are eligible. Each team must choose 10 products/sellers that best represent their team. How each team chooses their Top 10 is up to them. Submissions can include holiday items, or not – again, entirely up to each team. We ask that the products include clear photography and include your team’s tag as one of the (14 Etsy tags).  We plan on featuring teams beginning in October with a new Gallery devoted to your team’s chosen items.

I think if we were to be chosen, this would be great exposure for ALL of us, even if only 10 is featured, as buyers will be encouraged to search for our team/group tag.

So now, these are the steps we need to take:

1. Tag any of your items that best represent the Etsy Malaysia team/group with this tag: ‘team etsymalaysia

This is the official tag that was submitted to Etsy.

To get your chance at being featured, please tag your items by 11.59pm Sunday 26 Sept so that we can get our entry in early.

2. After the 26th, log on to Etsy and search for ‘team etsymalaysia’.

Alternatively, you can also go to this page to see all member shops and go through each shop:-


*Reminder to members: Please register yourself for the new Etsy Groups Beta if you haven’t. Thank you!

3. Vote for 10 of your favourite items by posting the link to each item in a post here:-


4. We’ll give it about 5 days for everyone to vote. Then, after 1 October, the votes will be tallied and the 10 items with the most votes will be submitted to Handmade Spark for consideration to be included in their Galleries.

If you have any questions, please do leave a comment here.

Let’s get tagging!


6 Responses

  1. yay! just don’t forget to send us a voting reminder :D

    ps, thank you for using our paperbag notebook pic!

  2. LOVE IT! dont my vote before i came to reading this up….. THanks TEAM!

  3. ok, remind me to remind you guys haha ;)

    Nadiah – I just love the text on the cover, thought it was very fitting for what Handmade Spark would be looking for.
    (Just my opinion guys, feel free to interpret it your own way)

  4. Oh gosh! It’s the 27th already and I forgot to tag my items!
    Can I still tag them for this feature?? :-/

  5. Hi Christine!
    Yeah, I guess we can still tag until the end of voting time. But voting starts today, and any late tags might not be seen by taggers, that’s all :)

  6. Alrighty, gonna tag ’em now.

    Thanks, Zurien :)

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