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The New Etsy Groups in Beta!

Etsy has just launched a new Etsy Groups feature, basically replacing the old Team Profile. Etsy Malaysia Local Team has been selected as one of the beta testers for the first phase, and hence we are one of the first few to migrate our Team Profile to the new one. Wee! :)

More features for the Etsy Groups are said to be available soon. While we wait for updates, I’ve sent invitations to the existing members so we can all migrate to the new page. You should be receiving an email from ‘Etsy Group’, asking you to go to the page to join. As of now, there are still 23 members who haven’t responded. Kindly do so ASAP.

I’m still in the middle of playing around with the basic features and haven’t got the time to check the Groups Handbook. Also, as you can see, our avatar and banner in the new page are the old ones done by me. So if anyone of you have the time to help out, I’d appreciate a fresher and prettier set. Thank you! :)

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