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Team Feature: Borneo Rocks!

How many of you have been to Borneo? I live in JB and despite my dad originating from Sabah, we hardly spend time over in Borneo. Rather sad to be honest, as Borneo is a beautiful island.

I was particularly taken when I came across Borneo Rocks. The work done to each and every one of the rock is breathtaking and astounding to say the least. To be able to see other shapes and creatures within the inanimate rocks? That takes talent and an amazing imagination. Hats off to Borneo Rocks, I say!

Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself! And Rocks Alive! indeed!

This one in particular caught my attention the most – we have white cats in our household and they curl up just like that on our chairs too!

Cute cute cute!

Even the owls look adorable.

You can see more of the amazing rocks on Borneo Rocks! Flickr or on the Etsy Shop.


4 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness..thanks so much for this write-up and for all the kind words! :-)

  2. When I was a kid there was a period of time when I loved painting on rocks. But my version was, let’s say it’s just kid’s work. :P

  3. LOL Huey!

    Yeah, the rocks are really mesmerisingly life-like. They remind me of what master sculptors always say about their work, “The statue was already in the rock, just had to chip away the outer layer to discover it”,

  4. I love the tigers eyes painted rock. Wonderfully done. Well Done!

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