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Slower Time.

Several weeks ago I posted a little poll on the team’s Yahoo group asking what members do when things (or sales) are slow, particularly on Etsy? I was particularly interested to know because it was quite slow for us during this time of the year, and a friend of mine who worked with a giant retail store was also telling me the same thing. This type of slowness in sales everywhere is probably due to the fact that not many are shopping at this time of the year, and/or people are saving up for the holiday seasons – and of course, it could just be the economy. A few members shared some valuable advices on what they have been doing to counter or walk through this ‘slowness’, which I thought would be nice to share with everyone.

Jia Wen of inkypots spent her time practicing and trying new and more challenging projects during slower time. She also read up, watch video online, and attend workshop or random classes with her teacher, while thinking of ways to expand and sustain sales. “Right now I’m considering coming up with a line of pieces which I would be able to spend more time marketing. Just have to hit on the right piece to produce.” said Jia Wen.

Anba of mapleshoppers and Belinda of phings both utilised the slower time to explore ways to improve their shops. “The weeks that I don’t get much sales, I spend time thinking about how I can have varities of products and spend my nights browsing for ideas… I visit sites with similar flavors for new inspiration… I try to read couple of interesting blogs to learn about people’s needs and interest.” said Anba. Belinda, on the other hand, use the time to think of new design ideas to implement.

Pek Mun of JainaBee and Pauline of zeropumpkin offer discounts or have sales in their shop during slower time. Pek Mun also participates in Etsy forums and local craft fairs for more exposure.

For a longer term of planning, Flora of borneorocks and Seng Imm of BagNCraft have both ventured into consigning their work at local resorts and shops. Kelly of Kiiss has ventured into selling supplies such as fabric, as to her, this is normally a more sell-able items. She also suggests offering items like tutorials, download-able PDFs, and even advertising spaces on blog for more income.

While reading through the experiences from the above members in Yahoo group, I was also struggling to look at our own shop from a different perspective. I went back to the basic and finally decided to retake some of the photos, because I think they need (and deserve) a fresh new look. Me and my boyfriend have also taken advantage on the slower time to work on a few new products, and sent pitch letters (or rather, emails) to a few design or style blogs that we think suit our style. Our first experience was superb! Not only it generated tons of traffic, we were also ‘discovered’ by many other blog owners with similar taste and style.

So to those who didn’t share in the team’s Yahoo group, what’s your experience in walking through slower time? Are you prepared or are you like me, learn while walking through?


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  1. I am just trying out new stuff and concentrating on my garment collection to be posted up gradually. ^^~

    But All the other’s ideas are great!…..will mark those up and put it in my To Do List

  2. hehe thanks for including me :D

  3. ditto – thanks, Huey. :-)

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