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Arts and Crafts Market Essential: Part Two.

For the second part of Arts and Crafts Market Essential, we have Jun of BeaniPet sharing her experiences with us. Jun has joined both Art for Grabs and Pipit Wonderful Market. She has thoughtfully divided her thoughts into ‘Objective’, ‘Preparation’, and ‘The Big Day’, making it easier for an even better planning!



Firstly it’s good to know what you want before joining a bazaar. What is your objective? Do you want people to know you and your products? Do you want to meet other handmade artists and make new friends? Or you just want to try out a bazaar and see what’s the public reaction towards your handmade? 

Whatever the reasons are, always remember one thing: “Stay true to yourself”, because no matter what the reasons are, knowing who you are as an artist is more important than what can you get out of a bazaar.

Spring Bunnies Pillow by BeaniPet.


Quality vs. Quantity: There is no doubt that my products aim at quality over quantity, because I believe that delivering quality products is one of the ways to provide your customers a reason to come back for more. 

Of course it is important to sell a number of quantity at a bazaar, and no one would want to just sell and item and go home. So plan your time and set schedules before the deadline to ensure that there’s sufficient amount of items to sell. And if you don’t have enough products to sell but you want to join the bazaar badly, you can always ask around for friends to share a booth with you! It’ll be tremendous fun and you’ll get to help each other out when customers flood in!

Booth and Packaging: All great products need a presentable booth to make everything work. Always put yourself into your customer’s shoes and ask yourself “Will you buy this if it’s presented like this, with this packaging and with this quality?” You are your best critique. 

So make sure you do some brainstorming and research beforehand. Drafting it all out before the big day will help visualising the whole thing too. I always set a theme for my booth at a bazaar and they are always different to keep things fresh. 

For packaging, just find what fits you and your product perfectly. It can be just recycled newspaper – with a few strings and ribbons it can be a chic and beautiful packaging too. Be creative!

BeaniPet at 4th Pipit Wonderful Market 2010, with “Slumber Party” as her theme.

Pricing: My only advice is to ask yourself how much your item is worth. If you think it’s worth this price (because of the time and effort you put in + materials used + idea = price) then it is. You should know your product best so as long as you are comfortable with it, I guess there shouldn’t be anything stopping you.

The Big Day

So the day has finally arrived and you are all ready! Make sure you have your business cards with you and at your booth. I say print around 500 copies and you’ll easily finish them by the end of the day. Pass out your business cards as often as you can. Trust me when I say that this world is huge and there are still loads of people waiting for you to introduce your talent, love and ideas to them!

 So put on your smile at all times and greet people warmly! Enjoy the day and just have fun!

Rustic Apple Clutch by BeaniPet.


Special thanks to Jun for the thoughtful post! If you are a frequent vendor at arts and crafts markets, and have an experience or two to share, comment and let us know. Or if you have lots of tips enough to make a blog post that you wanna share, email me at huey [!at] nottypooch.com.


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  1. Very inspiring! Love the advice at the beginning – “Stay true to yourself” – and the words of wisdom at the end – “the world is huge and there are loads of people waiting for you to introduce your talent, love and ideas”. Just love ’em! Thanks for a great post!

  2. Thanks Jun for the insigbts.

  3. so cute..omg..thats a bed there also .:D

  4. nice sharing! ;-)

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