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Team Feature : Nada Banana Designs

It’s world cup fever right now! Who are you supporting?

Personally, I think Argentina has a good chance of winning, though Portugal and their 7 goals, have caught my attention too. I can’t help but cheer for the Australians and New Zealanders too as I spend so much time in Australia.

World cup fever doesn’t just start and end in front of the tv tho.

Look at these absolutely gorgeous World cup inspired necklace by Nada Banana Designs!

So now you can show your support for your favourite world cup team by wearing their flag proudly around your neck!

Such a lovely idea. Well done, Nada Banana!

Also here’s a secret: if you’d like to be featured by the team feature spotlight – do participate more and remember to leave comments on the blog posts! We are hoping for the team to become more and more active, but that is only possible if the members are actually active to begin with!


5 Responses

  1. ok ok, time to de-lurking. :)
    i’m not really active in etsy though, still fumbling, but just showing my support to all. that’s really very creative of nada banana! i love the name nada banana! :D is there a blog?

  2. Hallo! What a nice surprise to see this, this morning! Thanks for featuring the necklaces! :)

    Hi Alison! Nada is my daughter’s first name, and then I added Banana at the end because I thought it sounded fun! Glad you like it! I do have a blog, but it’s a really personal one i.e. useless to other people other than myself. Feel free to check it out if you want, though.


    p/s: sigh… Au Revoir Les Blues… a la prochaine!

  3. How cool are these flag necklaces! J’adore NadaBanana!

    Incidentally, I can in a conundrum when US played England so I am kind of glad they had a draw. :o)


  4. Interesting, interesting necklaces… Well done Zurien

  5. Thanks Grace and Sally! :)
    And of course, thanks for featuring me, Celeste aka Little Waltz!

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