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Ship Like A Gift.

I’m always thrilled when I see photos of beautiful packaging by sellers. To me, beautiful packaging is not only something to please the eyes or to wow the receiver. It is also an important part of branding, and should reflect the identity and personality of your product and business whenever possible.

minifanfan packs her smaller items with a very professional touch. I personally think that the twine and the nicely finished hole make a really great impression.

For bigger items, she packed them with kraft paper. The consistent use of the same type of twine and hand stamped images are great branding tools.

Alex of skyejuice packs larger orders with a sturdy box with magnetic latch. This is a good idea when you need to ship several items together. The box will hold your items together and of course, very presentable! I’m not quite sure if Alex is using this on a long-term basis but for some reason, I kinda feel that this box matches her jewelry very well – stylish, sweet and juicy!

Do you pack your orders like gifts? Have you worked out packaging that reflects your brand and business? Leave a comment and share with us!


8 Responses

  1. Huey,

    That is a very nice post as usual..

    I have always wondered about packaging it pretty,,, does the post office accept parcels with the twine on the outside or is another layer added before sending?

    Recently, I have been putting my rocks in pretty boxes. What I did to ensure that it stayed pretty was wrap it up with a plastic see-through sheet with the address label underneath it.

    So far it seems to be working OK and the post office people didnt seem to mind…


    • I would imagine the pretty packaging should be inside the ‘formal’ and ‘proper’ envelope or packaging. Meaning there will be another layer outside with the shipping address, etc.

      I’ve actually seen people shipping, especially parcels with twine tied on the outside. It’s a bit weird for me – but that’s just me. I prefer the outer layer properly done – so I don’t have to answer to any question, just in case, and the pretty stuffs inside. :P

  2. I will wrap the gift nicely and insert it inside an envelope with shipping address. I’m just worried that the nicely wrapped package might be stolen.

  3. I’m sourcing for reasonably priced sturdy kraft/ papier mache boxes for my stuff. At the moment, I put my pendants inside a tiny ziplock bag, then into an organza pouch+bubble wrap+envelope. For my dolls, I focus more on sturdiness than presentation by creating my own squash-and-shock-proof packaging with recycled packing materials.

    • Speaking of sturdiness, I was very paranoid and once I even packed my t-shirt orders in bubble wrap. My boyfriend totally rolled his eye balls. LOL!

  4. Yes, it’s true that making it pretty outside just makes it more tempting for those with “long hands”! I hope sending the package by registered mail will keep it safe!

  5. Does anyone knows where I can restock padded envelopes in bulk for cheap price?

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