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Thoughts on Promoting Your Work.

Blog post contributed by Michelle from kindersoaps.

Everyone here depends on some form of marketing or other to get eyeballs and generate interest in what you make and do. We all love working in our chosen craft fields, but that alone won’t sustain our hobbies / addictions. ;)

So how else do you guys go about promoting your craft, apart from listing via Etsy, your own website or blog, Facebook and Twitter? For instance,

* Have you engaged in any form of advertising?
* Do you approach the media for interviews?
* Do you take part in bazaars?
* Are there networking events that you look out for?

I think by sharing our experiences we might be able to help each other be aware of the available means of promoting ourselves, and in ways that may not necessarily cost an arm and a leg. :) Let us know which methods you’ve tried, which ones worked for you, and the reasons why you felt it was suitable or otherwise.

Clarity Soap by kindersoaps, USD $5.40.

In my case, I’ve taken part in a local bazaar near my home, been interviewed on the radio, and have even passed round flyers offering free samples of my soap to the other residents in my condo. I maintain a blog and website, post updates on Twitter and Facebook (but I don’t have a FB page yet). All of these have helped me gain regular customers who keep coming back for my soap but it can be a lengthy process.

By far the most effective promotion method, for me, was to meet people face to face at bazaars. There I could have a proper dialogue with people who stopped by my booth, satisfy their curiosity about cold process soap, share what I could about natural skincare, answer their queries. Ultimately they would open up and start asking things like, “do you have a soap that can help me with such-and-such a skin problem?” Thankfully, I managed to secure quite a number of loyal customers this way, before I had to give up bazaars altogether when I found out I was pregnant. It was the most costly effort, RM250 per weekend stint from Thursday to Sunday, and definitely the most labour intensive. Fun, but not scalable.

The radio interview drove quite a nice level of traffic to my website, and a few customers did turn up from it. But that was just a once off event. Now that I’m home-bound and waiting for the arrival of baby #3, I’m even more restricted in what I can do to market my soap. using the internet and picking up the phone are fast becoming the primary ways I run my business and I’m doing all I can to leverage on making connections with customers this way. I’m looking at it as building the foundation from which I can work once I am more mobile once again.

So that’s my experience. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions with us, and let’s learn together!

Note from Huey: Sorry for being MIA for a while. I’ve been caught up at work and was down with sickness for several days. More blog posts coming in soon! And if you have anything to share, feel free to drop me a note at huey[at!]nottypooch.com. Thank you! :)


2 Responses

  1. We, on the other hand, seems to be more successful selling online. :) Featuring in Etsy’s blog and other high traffic blogs seem to help us most.

  2. I’ve learned that good social media knowledge is THE thing if you’re selling online. Facebook and Twitter are straight forward, but I’m also talking about blog, SEO, online communities (like this Team) and e-marketing. I recently started a coupon promo for my Etsy shop and within 2 weeks, I made 2 sales and lots traffic from it :D I think discount promo really works. I’ve gathered 13 Etsy Malaysia members on Myzerr and am planning on a group promo soon so please join us!

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