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Team feature: Jun from Beanipet

I’ve been following Jun on her blog for months. Jun makes incredibly adorable plushies and hair accessories and her posts never fail to make me smile. Her BeaniPets are unique and unlike anything I’ve seen before. Not to mention that many of them have stories and the sweet personal touch is something that touches my heart the most everytime I see a BeaniPet.

So for today’s feature, I thought I’d share it with you: The incredibly adorable and cute BeaniPets by Jun.

London Bun
Read his story Here

Aristocrat Kitty

Little Miss Sunshine

And my personal favourite:

Love Letter Aeroplane Beanies
I absolutely adore how the airplane starts off on one beanie, and ends on the other!
Read their story here

Isn’t it all so so cute?

Jun is an incredibly talented seamstress and one day I hope to have the chance to welcome one of the beautiful beanipets into my home.

You can see more from Jun on the BeaniPets blog or on Etsy.
For photos of all the BeaniPets who have gone to loving homes, please visit Flickr.

All images in this post belong to Beanipet. Used with permission, thank you Jun!


3 Responses

  1. Ooohhh..didn’t know that pillows can be so creatively cute! :-) Doing so well on etsy too. Congrats, Jun!

  2. Flora: I know what you mean. My pillows are ALL SO BORING compared to Jun’s! LOL!

  3. Thank you girl for such lovely introductions to my Beanies!
    ^ . ^ really appreciate your effort!!!


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