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Project Wonderful, Affordable Advertising

Probably Project Wonderful is not something new in advertising, but if you haven’t heard about this, I would like to shed some light.

As an advertiser…
I’d been an advertiser and also as publisher with them for almost 2 years. I start off with advertising my first Etsy shop, of course. As a newbie (and also being a cheapskate), I would not want to spend more than $5 a month on advertising and where on earth am I able to do that? Well, on Project Wonderful, I can. I can spend as little as $3 a month and sometimes I might get lucky and get free advertisement slots. Yes, a lot of new Project Wonderful ad publisher will offer them for free. Is it beneficial? I believe no site that provides advertisement space will guarantee 100% return of sales but if you are able to get more traffic to our shop, we will have higher chances to get more sales. That is why we have to know the performance of the site we want to advertise on (Project Wonderful will provide you with the statistics). And what I like most is the flexibility. We are in control of the advertisement, how much we are willing to spend, how long we want the ad to run and we can cancel the ad box whenever we want. Project Wonderful uses bidding system for the ad boxes, which might be a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with it but do a bit of reading on their comprehensive guide, it’s not as complicated as Ebay.

As a publisher…
I started with $5 (we have to put in at least $5 in our PW account if we wanted to advertise) and apply as ad publisher on my personal blog. I offered free ad boxes because it was a very low traffic blog. Since it is a bidding system, sometimes the ad box bid can go as high as $0.04/day and over a year, I earned $20+. Not much but I can’t complain, I never really optimize my personal blog. However, not all blog is qualify for being publisher. The blog must be at least 3 months old and has more than 30 posts. Bloggers, write more, your blog really can earn you some money. And it’s less annoying than those Google Adsense thing, I love seeing beautiful banners all over my blog. They ‘jazz up’ my blog.

(Reposted from KiireyBlog.)


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. interesting… thanks for the post.

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