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Free Turorial – How to make a clay angel

Tutorial courtesy of Meiwei Huang.

Things you need: craft wire, some paper, paper clay, acrylic paint, glitters, craft glue, wire cutter, round nose pliers, scissors.

Step 1: Make a loop with craft wire and round nose pliers for the halo. Cut off excess wire.

Step 2: Make a little ball with paperclay and push the stem of the halo into the ball.

Step 3: Make a teardrop-shaped body slightly bigger than the head. Insert a piece of wire at the tip for attaching the head.

Step 4: Attach head to body. Cut out a pair of wings from paper. Make a wand if you like.

Step 5: Paint the angel to your own liking.Step 6: Brush some glue onto the wings and sprinkle them with glitters. Let dry before attaching to the body.


5 Responses

  1. Thank you for the lovely tutorial, Mei. That is so adorable. If only I had more time, I would like to try my hand with one. Maybe when Christmas come! I also went to visit your website and your blog. Girl, you’ve got beautiful work!! So cute!!

  2. That is so cute indeed! Thanks for sharing…:)

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