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Free Tutorial – How to Make A Dollhouse Cradle

Tutorial courtesy of Mei Wei.

What you need: Thick cardboard or Balsa wood, cutting board, pencil & ruler, die cutting blades, glue and paint.

1. Sketch out your cradle design.

2. Draw the headboard, cut it out, trace onto the cardboard and cut so you get a footboard of the same size and shape too.

3. Do the same with the sides.

4. Assemble the four pieces and set firmly with glue. Trace around the frame and cut out the base. Set with glue.

5. Measure the width of the cradle and cut out the rockers using the trace method above.

6. Glue the rockers, and let dry completely before painting! Good luck!


3 Responses

  1. thanks tracy help me translate in english, i feel it’s like magic after write in english >_< i hope more & more people will get know this ^^

  2. Thanks for letting us “import” your tutorial, Meiwei. I just realised that I forgot to include a progress picture for the slat LOL it would be a hollow bed. Anyway I fixed it :)

  3. Hmm… trust me, I never thought of doing a cradle like this. Ha. Probably a good idea to make this with my little niece during CNY! :D

    Thanks Meiwei! :D

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