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Etsy Malaysia on Social Media, and Other Important Links.

Hi members!

As I was trying to figure out what will work for us, here are a few important links for the Team that you may need some refresh on/want to know. Some of them are for members only, some are for everyone. I suggest each and everyone of us to participate/join/add as much as you can, and start sharing with your friends so we can grow faster! :)

Etsy Malaysia Local Team on Yahoo! Group – This Yahoo! group is solely for members and Malaysian artists/crafters only. We are aiming to make this group a support group for members, sharing the ups and downs as an independent artist.

Etsy Malaysia on Facebook – Anyone can join! Invite your friends and spread the love!

Etsy Malaysia on Flickr – Members only. Share your work with the world!

Etsy Malaysia on Twitter – Add us please and retweet to promote! I’ll be gradually building more followers and when the time is right, I might include feeds from members’ shops (new listings, renewal) to this account, so spread the love!

As you may have noticed that I’m currently using an old badge created by Jia Wen from inkypots linking to search results of our Team members’ items on Etsy (look on your left). Jia Wen is kind enough and have agreed to create a much more suitable one for us and I’ll replace it once done. When our Team is big enough to offer variety (hopefully!), we can separate them into categories according to Etsy’s system – so much easier for potential customers! So do start tagging your items with ‘team etsymalaysia’!

P/S: Do make sure your team tag is ‘team etsymalaysia’. It’s part of Etsy’s rule to have the word ‘team’ in tags for teams. I notice that some of us are tagging as ‘etsymalaysia’. The search results will not have you included if the tag is wrong.


6 Responses

  1. i just find up local esty here, how can i join here ?

    • Hi Mei Wei!

      Welcome! I’ve checked out your shop on Etsy. Will submit your membership to admin to be included into our Team profile here: http://team.etsy.com/viewteam.php?id=527

      Do take note that it may take a while for it to be updated. In the meantime, feel free to join us in our Facebook Fan Page, Flickr, and Yahoo group! :)

      P/S: I’m from Penang too! Yay to Penangites! ;)

  2. dear huey,
    thanks for help add me in the list ^^
    oh u are from penang too>_< find one day we go coffee , hehe then can chat more on art ^^

  3. Ouh. I don’t travel to mainland much… but seafood sounds good. Hehe. :D

    I’ll definitely drop you a note if I’m going over. :)

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