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Dear Friends.

Dear friends at Etsy Malaysia Local Team.

I’m really sorry that I have been neglecting our team blog and activities for so many months. I had a shock realising that our previous domain (www.etsymalaysia.co.cc) was suspended while I didn’t receive any notification on it. I was checking back last week and still saw it up and running…

Anyway, to maintain the team blog in a better way, I’ve set up this blog at WordPress.com. Hopefully it’s a better way for everyone.

And again, I can’t apologise enough on how much life and work had caught me in year 2009. To kickstart year 2010, I’m pleased to announce that I have quit my day job and will be working on my business with my boyfriend from tomorrow onwards. This also means that I *should* have more time to take care of the team or at least the blog, and I really hope that I can keep up with it.

As usual, we still need blog moderator and author for this blog. If you are interested, please leave a comment here or contact me on Etsy. I will slowly take a few more days (or weeks) to add info into this blog, as soon as I can.

Best wishes to everyone in 2010. I look forward to reconnecting with each and everyone of you in the whole new year!

Sincerely, Huey

P/S: Also, I’ve tried to locate everyone’s blog in your shops to include in the Blogroll on the right. If you don’t see yours there, most likely it’s because I can’t find in your shop – or mata sepek. Please leave a comment here with your blog URL and I’ll add in ASAP. Thanks!